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Sandy Hook Facts has conducted exhaustive and conclusive independent research into the Sandy Hook massacre and the subsequent fraudulent invention by Youtubers of the "Sandy Hook Hoax".  Research included extensive analysis and study of the final report and of documents obtained via FOIA requests. Below are links to some of these findings. Please visit the blog or Youtube Channel for more factual presentations of this research.

Sandy Hook Facts is recognized as an expert on the Sandy Hook shooting. His research has been referenced in numerous articles, videos, and printed books.

Sandy Hook:
"The Deadliest Minute" -
 Hoax, Details, and Evidence

Step by step analysis of the prep, weapons, and rampage.

Sandy Hook Shots & 911 Call Analysis

How to Research Sandy Hook?
Check out this Keith Johnson Video
Researchers Guide to Sandy Hook
Other great KJ videos below!

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Beware of Hoaxer Imitations!
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Sandy Hook Fallen Angel
Video analysis of the evacuation of 
a Sandy Hook Victim

Sandy Hook Facts Exclusive
Never before released to the public!

Seabrook:  Vid 1, Vid 2, Time Stamped
LT Sinko: Edited Video

 Hoaxers claim Dash Cams are  faked and get Debunked

SHF - About the Dash Cams

Featured on OpedNews

Father of Sandy Hook Victim
Noah Pozner Releases Documents

Birth & Death Certificates   Video
Post Mortem Exam Page  (Blog)

Two Victims Speak out
The Press Wont Print It

Lenny  Pozner - Sandy Hook
Amanda Stair Duran - Columbine


Sandy Hook Evacuation Photos
 Hundreds of Children and Teachers
 Photographed During Evacuation

Sandy Hook Research Resources
(Not affiliated with Sandy Hook Facts)

Sandy Hook Lighthouse  - Research Blog
HONR Network - Rights advocates
SH Hoaxers are not Bright -Group
Newtown Post Examiner - Research Blog
Sandy Hook Focus on Facts - Debunking
Spingola on Sandy Hook - Debunking
Veritas4d4's Channel - Debunking  - Arie Fique

Youtube Channel Recommendation
SHF recommends these independent channels

HONR Network
Keith Johnson
Sandy Hook Hoax Debunkers
Logan Runnin 


Standing with HONR against iPredation

CW Wade Room 10 Window shots analyzed

Coup De Grace Debunk

Three Part Blog Analysis of the Shooting

 Part 1 - Shooter's Gear

Part 2 - The Animal Attacks

Part 3- The Deadliest Minute

Evacuation Video Enhanced

The first photo and publication of the Demolition of 36 Yogananda 

 Exif Data Claims

Keith Johnson Videos
Highly recommended researcher


Shooter Adam Lanza  DDR

Photo of machine at Danbury - Click Here
Snapshot of Original Facebook post
Original Version - Click Here 

Adam Lanza Death Certificate
blog  |  video

Adam Lanza Social Security
Death Index


 The Sandy Hook Rampage
  Sandy Hook TDM
A look into the mind of the shooter.