Sandy Hook Hoaxers Debunked

The tragedy at Sandy Hook spawn a new cult-like faction of conspiracy theorist. These people are not your grandpa's conspiracy theorist; they are not quietly enjoying Big Foot stories or watching UFO vides; these people believe the entire government is perpetrating illusion mass shootings with the purpose of taking guns.  To date, the Sandy Hook Hoaxers have not produced even one court admissable piece of evidence of Hoax. Instead, a leadership group of Hoaxers fabricate evidence by adding false narratives, photoshopping photos, loop videos, and fabricate documents.  The leadership Hoaxers convince their followers, many of whom are extremely violent and heavily armed, that victims of the crime are actually government agents acting against their rights.  This causes the cult-like hoaxers to stalk, harass, and harm innocent people.  Sandy Hook Facts believes that you can mitigate the disinformation by operating a source of factual information to counter the Hoax.

Sandy Hook Facts is recognized as a leader in Sandy Hook research.  The research by CW Wade has been referenced in numerous articles, videos, and printed books.

James Fetzer's
 Sandy Hook Hoax Book

Top 10 Reasons 
Jim Fetzer's Sandy Hook
 Book is Fiction

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Sandy Hook Hoaxer 
L. Kay Wilson

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How low can he go?
Wolfgang claims to be a fire inspector: Wolfgang claims 20 years LEO experience:
We Need to Talk about Sandy Hook Debunked
The most debunked and discredited hoaxer film.   Independent Media Solidarity intentionally produces misleading and fabricated content.
13 Incredibly Stupid things in We Need to Talk about Sandy Hook   by Samuel Spieltens

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Perpetuates their fraud





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