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Wolfgang Sues Bloggers 

In an attempt to intimidate his detractors, chill free speech, silence any opposition, and in furtherance of his money making operation Sandy Hook Justice, public figure Wolfgang Halbig sues bloggers who offend him.  

Nearly every interview Halbig and his representatives give or publish contains to sue those who speak against him. These types of lawsuits are called SLAPPs.  Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation.

Wolfgang Halbig Sues numerous Bloggers in an attempt to Silence Free Speech.

SLAPP Suit Assistance

Sandy Hook Facts defends free speech and defeats Wolfgang Halbig in Court winning a $23,000 judgment.

SHF's victory leaves the Florida Case dead in the water. In California, Wolfgang is attempting to appeal the judgment. Sandy Hook Facts is appealing because the $23,000 judgment was insufficient under state law.  Wolfgang continues to chill free speech by threatening to sue  anyone who dares question his false claims and fund raising tactics.

Original Case link | CA Case Link | Appeal Link

Dave Altimari versus Connecticut State Police

The Courant and Dave Altimari continue their fight for the release of documents pertaining to the Sandy Hook Shooter. Sandy Hook Facts supports Dave Altimari and the urges the release of all documents, videos, and photographs pertaining to the Sandy Hook Shooter.

April 2016 - Court rules against FOIA Release

March 2016 - FOIA Update

June 2015 - State Police Appeal FOIA Decision

Hearing Audio - Day 1   Day 2


Case Link

Wolfgang Halbig versus Newtown
Meritless FOIA Appeal.
Wolfgang withdraw the action - a loss!

Lenny Pozner vs. Wolfgang Halbig

Victims sue Bushmaster Rifle
Debunking hoaxer claims

William Shanley's Shenanigans 

William Shanley, James Fetzer, and James Tracy, and Wolfgang Halbig are cited in Shanley's lawsuits which claim trillions of dollars in damages. But alas, Shanley's case will never be, because he has no case or legitimate cause of action. The Court has summarily dismissed every lawsuit Shanley has filed.

On Appeal:
William Shanley has currently filed an appeal of the summary dismissals; however, that will equally go no where as the appeals are completely untimely, not to mention frivolous.

The documents | Dismissed | Strangeness | New Lawsuit


Hoaxer Criminal Complaints

Jonathan Reich
Wanted and on the lamb

William Shanley
 Jailed |
Back In Jail | Pleads guilty

Pete Santilli
Federal Jail without bail