Sandy Hook Hoaxer Watch

The very serious side effect of Hoaxers pushing the fraudulent meme calling the Sandy Hook shooting a hoax has been the attacks on the Newtown families. Sandy Hook Facts covers these stories.

Hoaxer Hate Crime

Hoaxers issue racist death threats to Sandy Hook Parent

St. Rose of Lima
*Sandy Hook Facts Exclusive*

911 Call - Claim: Hoaxers "Filming Children"

Blue Honda On Scene

St. Rose of Lima 911 Call - Audio!

HONR Network
 Protecting the rights of victims


A Brief History of Sandy Hook Harassment


Wanted: Jonathan Reich
Jonathan Reich is currently wanted by the State of Connecticut by Arrest Warrant as he hides from his case.  Bail amount $100,000!

No longer assigned to Community Court

Attempts to Obtain redacted photos




Threats continue against the Soto Family

SHF Supports Carlee Soto

Main Stream Coverage

Grief Denied - The Courant

What kind of Person calls a mass shooting a hoax?

What kind of people are Hoaxers?

FAU's James Tracy Targets Sandy Hook Victims

Florida's Unhinged Hoaxers

Cyberstalking Newtown

Tony Mead Warned by Newtown





Hoaxer Pete Santilli Threatens Newtown

Santilli in Jail! 

 Santilli Debunked at Malheur

Malheur Bully 

 Pete Santilli the Shill

Santilli currently faces life in prison for his dometic terrorism at Bundy Ranch and Malheur National Refuge.

Hoaxers Target Newtown Girl

An innocent young Newtown girl that bears a resemblance to one of the Sandy Hook victims has been targeted by Hoaxers.

Hoaxers launch coordinated gangstalk of little girl

Wolfgang Halbig's tantrum turns evil - Video | Original video

Tony Mead Admits Jonathan Reich authors  Full Audio!