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Sandy Hook Facts is an independent, pseudonymously operated journalistic endeavor that began with C.W. Wade's research into the Final Report on the Sandy Hook shooting. Sandy Hook Fact is a volunteer project and receives no compensation of any type.  CW Wade's Sandy Hook Facts does not solicit nor accept donations; nor is CW Wade renumerated for his Sandy Hook work by any private, public, or government agency or person.

Sandy Hook Facts research is independent and does not represent the official views of any other person or organization, private or governmental.

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Research - Frankly, most of the research is done. C.W. Wade wanted to understand how and why a 6'0" man with numerous proclaimed disabilities could walk into a school and kill 26 people in under ten minutes. The facts were ascertained to the extent possible and findings published.  The "how" has been explained by C.W. Wades research and there are few questions as to the shooting itself that remain unanswered.

C.W. Wade was the first researcher to mathematically prove the classroom order of the shooting using ballistic evidence, in addition to many other exclusive findings.

 The "why" is only partially explained.  Under Connecticut law, the Lanza family controls the release of medical information on the shooter and the Lanza's continue to block the full public release of information on the shooter.  In this way, the Lanza's have victimized society twice. First by arming and loosing their animal on an elementary school and the second by trying to sweep him under a rug.  

Hoaxers - Sandy Hook Facts has familiarity with every claim made by Hoaxers and to date, this group has not offered a single rational piece of real evidence of hoax. Not one.  Countless hours and tens of thousands of hours have been spent by Hoaxers attempting to ferret out even one piece of evidence. Out of the tens of thousands of people Hoaxer claim are "in on it", not one has come forward.   SHF continues to debunk hoaxers and their weak claims; however, the "wack-a-mole" shell game of the hoaxers is tiring..

Law -  Online and real life stalking by Sandy Hook Hoaxers is a very real problem.  Google and Facebook have created a "wild west" every man for himself platform and hoaxers use it to cyber attack and stalk innocent people, including stalking children.  Sandy Hook Facts continues to advocate for a reform and enforcement of Cyberstalking laws.

Right to Free Speech

As an American, CW Wade's right to Free Speech is protected by the First Amendment.  Anonymous free speech is a long protect and Supreme Court affirmed First Amendment right.  

CW Wade is a resident of the Great State of California and any claims lodged against CW Wade will get moved there, where free speech is actually protected.  Sandy Hook Facts and Google is located out of California.

C.W. Wade has the right to free speech and the right to comment on the public controversy and it's public figure proponents.  CW Wade has the right to expose hoaxer lies and debunk their fraudulent claims. To date, hoaxers have been unable challenge Wade's work on it's merits; instead attacking the researcher.  C.W. Wade receives threats on a near daily basis in attempts to chill his free speech. Hoaxers spread lies, misinformation, impersonate, and stalk C.W. Wade.  C.W. Wade is falsely accused of being a government shill.  These intimidation tactics, to date, have failed.

Worse, CW Wade's Sandy Hook Facts and several other bloggers were sued by Wolfgang Halbig in clear violation of his First Amendment right to Free Speech.  This is the worst form of chilling of free speech because it is wielding the power of the government to silence another speaker. The court found for Sandy Hook Facts and awarded about $23,000 in damages.  This was about half of the damages to which Sandy Hook Facts should have been awarded. Halbig has appealed the judgment and Sandy Hook Facts has appealed the inadequate award of damages; in addition to seeking  further damages caused by his appeal.

This was especially egregious conduct by Halbig because Halbig engages in public speaking, hosts his own broadcast channels and website, has been featured internationally, and is clearly a public figure.  Further, Halbig is raising money making while making numerous provably false claims, not the least of which is his claim that Sandy Hook was an "illusion" when the fact is, the shooting is inarguable historical fact in the eyes of the law.  

Sandy Hook Facts continues to stand for free speech and independent good faith research.

The bottom line indisputable historical fact is that on December 14, 2012, a man, a animal walked into Sandy Hook School and killed twenty children and six teachers. Seventeen of those victims were killed as they huddled in the corner of a small restroom area of a classroom when the animal fired 80 soft tip 5.56 mm rounds from a Bushmaster AR-15 style rifle, at close range, in under two minutes. I refer to this as the "Deadliest Minute" in school shooting history. The Deadliest Minute, the Deadliest Weapon, with it's Deadliest Round, fired by a man with the Deadliest Mindset.