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Welcome to Sandy Hook Facts; the online home for the research presented by research journalist C.W. Wade.  The research by Sandy Hook Facts has been referenced in main stream media, including Discovery.com, several print books on the subject, and countless blogs and articles.

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"You have about a 98 % accuracy rate with your analysis.
I am surprised others have not figured it out or at least copied your work."

-Sandy Hook First Responder to C.W. Wade

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This in-depth research project began just after the release of the Final Report on the shooting in Newtown, Connecticut on December 14, 2012.  20 first grade students and six teachers were killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School.  In an nearly unprecedented  release official documentation on a mass shooting, the State of Connecticut released thousands of pages of raw investigative reports and statements, images, videos, and audio, in addition to a summary conclusion of the report. Due to the immense scope of the documents released, many were intimidated by or unable to sort through the report.  C.W. Wade immediately began in intense study of the documents to discover the details of the shooting and to determine if the the report supported the facts of the case. On Feb 1, 2014, Sandy Hook Facts released "Sandy Hook: The Deadliest Minute".  The ground breaking video report took the timelines, reports, available 911 calls and images, and painstakingly reconstructed the preparation and attack on the school that Friday morning.  When the shooter cornered an entire classroom of first graders, he opened fire with an AR-15 style rifle, firing eighty rounds in under two minutes.  The result: a catastrophe of war crime proportions.

How could this mentally disturbed shooter enter a school and kill 26 people in under ten minutes? Is it even possible?  That is a fair question and that question is answered by Sandy Hook Facts, in a moment-by-moment reconstruction of the shooting. Since the release of that video, Sandy Hook Facts has continued to present research into the shooting and the conspiracy theory that surrounds the shooting on blog and video.

Hoaxer Debunking

Self-Styled "alternative media" on Youtube and blogs have convinced a small, but gullible segment of the populace that the world is a "hoax" and mass shootings are fabricated by the government to take their guns. Sandy Hook Facts not only debunks these theories, but proves that in many instances alternative media is knowingly and intentionally pushing a false narrative and to doing so for financial gain. Sandy Hook Facts exposes their tactics that includes inventing fraudulent documents, blurring and altering photos, looping and editing videos, spreading debunked memes, and intentionally spreading false information. The worst of the hoaxers gang stalk or encourage the stalking of victims (or in some cases, innocent people who just happen to look like someone involved with Sandy Hook). Sandy Hook Facts debunks the incident that occurred subsequent to the shooting; the invention of Sandy Hook Hoax by Youtubers called "Hoaxers" - those who hoax their audience by presenting false information.

Sandy Hook Facts is not affiliated with any group or government agency. Sandy Hook Facts is an independent, privately owned and operated, free speech protected journalistic endeavor that accepts no donations, payments, or revenue generating whatsoever. Sandy Hook Facts presents analysis based on available research and does not represent the views of anyone else.

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"The Animal was the 'Rain Man' of mass murder." -C.W. Wade